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It's every bolt, clamp, wire, module, inverter and hard working installer that come together to make each Solteris Solar System perform at its peak power production.


Want to build something great?

The essence of the trade is in the craft of the install. Learn the Solteris way to construct  Solar PV and install with the experience of a pro. 



Know how to get the job done?

On-site assurance that the project is going as planned, our Foreman is an experienced crew member with the knowhow to see it all through. 

Project Manager

Are you efficient and effective?

Properly planning and executing simultaneous PV projects takes a multitude of considerations to produce smoothly executed installations.

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Join a crew of elite installers here in the Coachella Valley- Solarizing the Nation and improving the lives of our community members as well as the world around us. A career opportunity in Solar construction awaits you at Solteris. Fill out the information below and we will contact you shortly.

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