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It looks stunning from the sky and on your electricity bill. Start saving today with Solteris Energy's premium quality Solar Design and Installation. In no time, you can be running on Sunshine. 


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Options are important to getting what you want and a clear understanding of each option is the cornerstone to any good decision. We intend on you getting  exactly what you want, therefore we have provided three well crafted Solar packages to fit your individual needs: ECO, EGO & PREMO. ECO is for the cost-conscious and economically inclined; getting you the best price per kWh. EGO fulfills the personal goal of supporting American Made panel production while still securing low cost energy prices for years to come. PREMO is the system of your dreams, with individually monitored/American Made panels, micro inverters and a premium racking system make it the ultimate package for you. It's your choice and we are here to help you make it happen. 




Best Price per kWh

We understand that price is a major consideration when going Solar, so here is what we recommend to the ECO-conscious. As always, you get Solteris Energy's custom PV design solutions and on-call quality customer service. By pairing grade A Solar modules with a 25 year warranty and a SMA central inverter, you get the insurance of an impeccable product and unparalleled clean Power Over Time.




American Made Panels

With many companies manufacturing overseas,  paying lower wages for their labor, it has become more important than ever that we support manufacturing in the United States of America. Choosing EGO gives you Solteris Energy's top-quality design and installation as well as USA made Solar modules which effectively provides employment for Americans and US quality Power Over Time.  




Ultimate Energy Production 

When we can, it's nice to get the things we want, the way we want them. Premo gives you the options that you so desire and will allow you to customize your Solar System to fit your needs. Concerned about tracking your power production? Our micro inverter monitoring system provides you with real time kWh generation updates to your PC or mobile device. The way you dream of Power Over Time.